Dhundhar Circuit
(Jaipur - Dausa)

Sisodia Rani Garden, Jaipur

Lesser Known Destinations around Jaipur


Chand Baori
Location : Abhaneri is located within the Dausa district and lies at a distance of 90 kms. from Jaipur.
History : There are various intricately carved sculptures and temples. One look at the carved sculptures reflects the richness of culture and tradition of Abhaneri. Abhaneri has also been a victim of Muslim invasions.
Main Attractions : Abhaneri is famous for two fine monuments of architectural significance 'Harshat Mata temple and 'Chand Baori'.
There is a huge tank (Chand Baori) opposite the temple fortified on all four sides with bastions for defence. Although Abhaneri is now in ruins, the place has a distinct nostalgia about itself.

Bairath of Viratnagar

Location : Earlier known as Viratnagar, Bairath lies 66 kms. North of Jaipur, along the Jaipur-Shahpura-Alwar route, in Jaipur district.
History : It is said that the Pandavas spent one year of their exile here.
Main Attractions : The Ashokan inscription, the monastery and the circular temple are the pointers towards Bairath's antiquity.
The Bhim-Ki-Dungri or Pandu Hill is a low rocky hill. A large cave on this hill is considered to be Bhim's (one of the Pandava princes) abode.
Bijak-ki-Pahari is a grey granite hill with remains of two Buddhist monastries, which existed when Huen Tsang visited India in 634 A. D.

Excavated 3rd Century Buddhist site

Hand Printing of Textiles


Bagru is situated 35 kms.south-west of Jaipur on Ajmer road along National Highway No.8.

The prime attraction of Bagru is its hand printed textiles. The designs are simpler here, the technique less comlicated and the colours are of more earthy shades.

Ramgarh Lake

30 Kms north east of Jaipur, off the Delhi-Jaipur highway, a road leads to the Ramgarh barrage.
It is famous for its huge lake created by constructing a high dam amidst tree-covered hills.

Boating at Ramgarh Lake


Salt Lake

94 Kms west of Jaipur is perhaps the country's largest inland saline lake, Sambhar.

It is also known for its ancient holy Devayani tank, the palace and the near by site, Naliasar. The ancient temple of Shakambhari Mata, from which this town is supposed to have derived its name, is also situated here.


16 Kms from the PinkCity of Jaipur, on Tonk road, the town of Sanganer has important craft industries (mainly textile printing and handmade paper) besides the ruined palaces, broken city walls, triple gateways and a neglected Mughal garden.

A printed textile design

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