Godwad Circuit
(Pali - Sirohi - Jalore)

The Magnificient Chaumukha Temple, Ranakpur

Lesser Known Destinations around Pali


TheBali Fort

Location :The town of Bali is 8 kms, south east of the Falna railway station.
History : SOJAT was known for the manufacture of cutlery, daggers, swords, bridles and saddlery, and is also famous for the cultivation of henna.
Main Attractions : There are various beautifully carved temples within the town. Prominent among these are the temples of Manmohan Parsavnathji, Chandraprabhuji, Vimalnathji, Dharmnathji, Charbhujaji, Mataji, Hanumanji and Thakurji. The old fort of Bali is also worth seeing.
12 Kms. south-west of Bali is a village named Beejapurin proximity to which is a site where remains of an ancient city called Hathundi or Hastikundi have been excavated.


Location : Sojat is situated on the left bank of the Sukri river at a distance of 110 kms from Jodhpur The old name of this place was 'Sudhadanti'.
History : The town is situated on the left bank of the Mitri river.
Main Attractions : The town has a big reservoir and several old temples and a dargah od Pir Mastan. The place is more prominently known for its famous fort, namely Sojat Fort. This fort is situated on a hill called Nani Sirari. The fort is surrounded by
a high and massive rampart wall.

The Sojat Fort

Jain Temple & Fort, Sirohi


Location : Sirohi is a district, situated in the south west of Rajasthan.
History : It is believed that Sirohi has derieved its name from the "Siranwa" hill, on the western slope of which it stands. Sirohi also means 'sword' and it has led some people to believe that this state of brave Deora Chauhans received its present name due to the widespread fame of its swords.


Location : Jalore is located on the left bank of the Sukri river.
History : Two of the greatest poetic works in any Indian language, namely, "Kuvalayamala" and "Kanhad Dev Prabandh" were composed in Jalore.
Main Attractions :
The fort of Jalore has proud past aptly expressed in this famous couplet-

"let the sky be torn,
the earth turned upside down,
let the iron armour be cut to pieces,
heads severed, body fighting alone,
but Jalore still would not surrender".

Arched Gate, Jalore Fort

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