Shekhawati Circuit
(Sikar - Jhunjhunu)

Double Storied Monument

Lesser Known Destinations around Sikar

Khatu Shyamji

Khatu Shyamji
Location : Khatu Shyamji is a village situated in the Danta Ramgarh tehsil of Sikar district. It is 16Km from Reengus and 25 Kms from Danta Ramgarh.
History : Khatu is famous for its Shyamji (Krishna) temple and has hence got the name Khatu Shyamji.
Main Attractions : The place is famous for fairs held in the months of Phagun and Kartik which attract crowds in thousands. There is a Shyamji temple, Shyam Kund and an attractive Shyam garden which are worth visiting.

Sikrai Mata

Sikraimata is one of the prominent pilgrim centres of Shekahawati. The place is famous for a beautiful and sacred temple of Sikraimata. It is surrounded by hills on three sides, the location is an ideal picnic spot.

Jeen Mata

Jeem Mata is another famous pilgrim centre of this region. This place is 29 kms from Sikar off the Bikaner-Jaipur National Highway.


Lohargal is also a place of tourist interest because of its natural beauty. This place is associated with Bhim, one of the heroes of the great epic, "Mahabharat".

Bird's eye view of a tank, Lohargal

Harsha Temple, Sikar


Location : Harsha is an ancient village at the base of a hill on which Harshanatha and other temples are located in Sikar district situated around 14 Kms from ikar town.
History : According to legend, Lord Shiva had taken birth here under the name of Harshanath to bring an end to the tyranny of monster named Tripur.
Main Attractions : Harsha is known for its famous Shiva temple dating back to the Chauhan period. There is a 10 Km. long road which leads one to the mountain, from where one can behold the natural beauty of the villages below. There are several temples at Harsha, chief among them being the Harsha temple.

Lesser Known Destinations around Jhunjhunu


Location : Mandawa is a municipal town in Jhunjhunu district.
Main Attractions : The medieval fort of Mandawa gradually rises on the horizon like a mirage. A painted arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows leads to the bazzar. A fine view of the town can be seen from the terrace of the castle of Mandawa.

Frescos of Mandawa

Salt Lake


Fatehpur is a historic town which was once ruled by the Muslim Nawabs. It is a treasure-trove of beautiful frescoes. The frescoes on the Devra and Singhania havelis are an outstanding combinations of Indian and Western styles.


Founded by Nawal Singh of the Shekhawat clan, this is the town where Are the finest of Shekawati's frescoes can be seen. Its havelis bear witness to the rich and prosperous Marwari era of the 19th century. Nawalgarh has hundreds of painted havelis and a fine clock tower of British period.

Poddar Haveli, Nawalgarh

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