Vagad Circuit
(Dungarpur - Banswara)

Raj Rajeshwar Temple, Dungarpur

Lesser Known Destinations around Dungarpur


Udai Bilas Palace
Location : Dungarpur is situated on the Udaipur-Himmatnagar section of the western Railway. It is well connected by road with Udaipur.
History : It was founded in 1358 A.D.
Main Attractions : Dungarpur is a picturesque town surrounded by hills on three sides. Udai Bilas Place which's built by the side of a lake is famous for its fine architecture and carvings. Juna Mahal is a treasure house of miniature paintings, frescoes, glass and mirror work. There are a number of old temples in and around Dungarpur. A temple on the banks of the river Som, Dev Somnath is an excellent specimen of Indian temple architecture.

Juna Mahal, Dungarpur       


Location : Beneshwar is situated 24 kms from aspur in the district of Dungrapur.
History : The name Beneshwar has been derived from the most revered Shivlinga of the area.
Main Attractions : neshwar is best visited between the months of January-February, when a tribal fair of the Bhils is held at the confluence of Mahi, Jakham, and Som rivers. During the fair, magic shows, acrobatics and a sale of traditional weapons add spice to the ambience.


The village owe its importance to the shrine of Sayyed Fakhruddin.
Shiva Temple, Beneshwar

Lesser Known Destinations around Bansawara


Temple Complex, Arthuna

Location : Arthuna is located 55 kms from banswara and is known for its antiquity.
History : The area adjoining Arthuna around Lankiya village has remains of Shaivite temples. Among the dilapidated ruins is a beautifully cared conjugated statue of shiv, Ganesh and Parvati. The statue is considered to be a marvellus piece of Indian sculpture. Another idol found is that of Lord Hanuman seen in a very unusual posture.


Talwara is famous for its ancient temples and the ruins of some old monuments, Laxmi Narain temple; Gokarneswar Mahadeva ands Sambhav Nath Jain temple are the main places of tourist interest.

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