Amongst the vastness and grandeur of India, discover a unique gem Pushkar. The town steeped in antiquity has tremendous potential that has been undiscovered until now.

Due to its location and proximity to the existing "Golden Triangle", it is an ideal destination to project the charm of India as it is today. Well connected by train to Jaipur and Delhi, travelling to and from Pushkar is relatively inexpensive, fast and extremely safe.

Pushkar offers the complete and composite "Indian experience" as a historical, cultural, religious, rural and adventure destination that cannot be experienced anywhere else in a one- week tour of India.

The architectural heritage of Pushkar is unique. The temples built and rebuilt over centuries offer a look at the different styles of various ears. Quaint lanes meander through the town offering surprising glimpses of exquisite designs of construction.



Area :
Altitude :
486 meters
Climate : Mean Max. Mean Min.
Summer : 37.7° C 23.3° C
Winter :
15.5° C 3.7° C
Rainfall : 38 to 51 cms.
Clothing :
Summer : Light Tropical
Winter : Woollen
Best Season :
Languages :
Rajasthani, Hindi, English.

People taking dip in the holy lake


The city of Pushkar has over 400 temples in its confines. The only temple in the world of Brahma- the creator of the universe is here. Every major deity in the Hindu pantheon of gods is worshipped at Pushkar. Pushkar Lake is the holiest take in the country and a bath in the lake during the kartik full moon is said to cleanse one of all sins. The fifty -two bathing ghats along the banks of the lakes are linked to the lunar calendar, with each ghat having its own miraculous powers. It is one of the most holy pilgrimage sites in the country.

Throughout the year, Pushkar is the venue for innumerable fairs other then the Pushkar fair. Pushkar is transformed into a riot of colours and revelry as thousands of people throng the city to celebrate and rejoice. A glimpse of the festivities, the reflect the joy and love of life of the people in rural India.

Exquiste handicrafts and handlooms not only from Rajasthan but also from the rest of India is on display in the city reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of people who visit the city. Pushkar is considered amongst the better and least expensive shopping destinations in the country today.

Pushkar offers the finest example of the diversity of terrain in India. It has hills, rocks, vegetation, lakes and above all the desert to provide the ideal venue for adventure activities of all kinds. The desert with its wide vistas and spectacular dawn and dusk located so close to the major cities provides a memorable experience in a tour of India.

The charm of Pushkar above all lies in its location. Nestled amidst the Arravali ranges, Pushkar radiates an aura of tranquility reflecting the peace and the open spaces of country life. The warmth and hospitality of the people will make a visit an occasion to remember.

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