Bhagoria Festival (RTT18)

INDIA is a country, which is rich in its traditions, and heritage every region has its own customs and rituals, which are fascinating and delightful. The Bhagoriya festival in the village of Bhakatgad and Dahi are prime examples of the culture and traditions that have been maintained throughout the years.

People Enjoying at the Fair
It is a mela or hatt, which takes us back to the mythological times of Swvayamvars. A festival which takes us back to the before holi (the festival of colour) mainly consisting of Bhil, bhilala and nayakada tribes belonging from the surrounding areas of Jabuwa Dist. of Madhya pradesh & Baroda dist. of Gujarat get together for this festival.

This mela is a annual fair for these tribesmen where all men, women and children of all ages get together in the best of fineries for a day of dances, music, gaiety and enjoyment. The main attraction of this fair is mathmaking that takes place. Like a svayamvar of olden times a young man chooses a bride for himself from all the women that are gathered there. On selection he will whish here away to his village where five days later the parents of the respective couple get together to decide a amount that will be given to the brides parents as dowry.

Ladies at the Fair

Men in Traditional Wear

This whole affair of finding a wife during the mela is very fascinating as well as interesting for however in the world will be find such primitive customs still prevailing. This it is a delightful experience for any tourist visiting this area during this particular period.

We at out end try to make this possible by camping in the village of Bhaktgad during this festival. We put up deluxtents, which are well equipped with all modern facilities. We also plan a four day tour for the tourist which is explainable in the following it energy.

Day 1

Arrive at Bhakhatgad from Baroda which is 135kms. About a 31/2 hrs drive or come from Baghcaves to Bhaktgad and reach the camp by 10.30 a.m. By 11.00a.m

The group can join in the festivities of the mela for the full day. Lunch would be served at an appropriate time on return to the camp there would be cocktails and dinners for the GRP, night holt at the camp.

Day 2

After B.F.A. jeep safari shall be taken (4 pax in one jeep) to the near by villages of Bhil tribes, these are traditional villages where we can see their way of life and homes. Return to the camp for lunch again take a safari to visit a village where a special dance will be organized which is known as the 'GHER' return to camp for over night.

Day 3

After B.F.depart for Dahi 60 kms from the campsite on the way stop at SONDHWA village where a local hatt bazaar takes place, stop there for and hour or so and then proceed to Dahi.

Here again one can attend the BHAGHORYA festival after lunch which is organized at rajasaheb (king) Dahi's residence spend about 3 to 4 hour at the festival where one takes active part in the dances and music and their gaity, return to the camp where a special social evening would be organized along with cocktail and dinner, night halt at the camp.

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