Safari Theme Lunch (RTT17)

The group is received by the villagers at our heritage farmhouse at caneshpura (near Dausa chungi chowki) where the group is garlanded. We come drink is served and group of local musicians receive the group (time taken 25 minutes).

The group proceeds on well-decorated camel carts, bullock carts and camels 1st to a meena tribal village, Surajpura where they are received and garlanded by village tribal chief and offered fresh fruits and lassi. Here one can have a brief peep in into a tribal house hold (time taken 40 minutes) .

Enjoying the journey of Bullock Cart

The group leaves for the peasant village (mali) bhikalee. Where again they are received by the woman and head of the family, the group is offered black tea or coffee served in earthen pots and offered Hukka and chillam by the head of family is honour of visiting group. One can see a pleasant household at work. (Time taken is 60 minutes)

The last leg of royal safari proceeds for Bhadrawati palace (Bhandarej) on the way they see the famous step wells of Bhandarej and reach the palace. On arrival royal welcome is provided which consists of:

Camel Cart Travel

1. Traditional Kacchi Ghodi dance and Bankiya receives the group at the entrance.
2. Two well decorated camel on entrance with chobdars.
3. Garlanding by traditionally dressed up boys.
4. Jaigarh Kalash by two girls at the entrance.
5. Scented fresh napkin towels given at the entrance.
6. Group moves inside the darbar hall for lunch where they are received by musicians and folk dances. Music and folk dance are performed through out the lunch. Puppet show is also arranged during the lunch.

Musical Welcome

These lunches fit in atinery of people of group traveling from Agra to Jaipur i.e. group leaving from Jaipur by 7.30 am in the Safari starts by 9 am and reaches palace by 12.00 noon, time taken for lunch is hour and a half.

This theme can also be worked out for groups staying at Bhadrawati in a reversed cycle i.e. it starts from the palace covering both Meena and peasent village and ending on out heritage farm house for lunch. This safari covers 12 Km distance approximately.

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