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Q.) What is a Domain and why do I need one?

Ans.) It's the unique name that identifies an Internet site. The Internet is made up of hundreds of thousands of computers and networks, all with their own domain name or unique address. Domain names always have two or more parts separated by dots i.e. www.webasthan.com.

Q.) What is a Top Level Domain?

Ans.) Top Level Domain (TLD) name, e.g. .com or .dk, is the last component of a domain name. There are two different types of TLDs: Generic and National. A Generic TLD (.com, .org., edu .net) describes the purpose of the organization or entity to which the domain name is registered. Generic TLDs do not differentiate between locations. A National TLD (e.g. .dk) specifies the country or territory of the registered domain name owner.
The domain name suffix is assigned based on the type of organization. For U.S. domains, the suffixes are:
  • .com - corporations
  • .edu - educational institutions
  • .gov - government institution
  • .org - non-profit organizations
  • .mil - military organization
  • .net - network provider
Advantages :
  • Domain names tend to be memorable so that people can find and return to your site. For example if your organisation was widgets,you would probably choose Widgets.com
  • Your domain name is unique and cannot be used by anyone else anywhere in the world.
  • It gives your organisation tremendous mileage in terms of image and memorability of your Internet address.
Q.) How Can I check Domain Name availability ?

Ans.) You can check it using Whois database of interNIC.

Q.) What are the advantages of Internet over conventional television and print media ?

Ans.) Today, the Internet has become the ideal medium of communication. For efficient correspondence via E-mail.For 24-hour presence on the Internet via a website. Or for optimal advertising on a global level.

The Internet complements conventional television television and print media with important added advantages:
  • Frequent updates ensure that website remain dynamic and relevant.
  • Web pages can be highly interactive using a combination of text, visuals, animations as well as audio or video clips
  • It is possible to monitor the viewership of your website in terms of the number of users accessing your website, time/date of access etc.
  • Placing an ad in the international media is hardly feasible for most concerns. Advertising on the Internet is!
  • Potential customers searching the Internet to source specific products/services can easily contact you directly for business!
Q.) What are the advantages for business on Internet (WWW).

Ans.) Uncountable:
  • Can reach millions of users at a cost lower than any other medium.
  • Helps boost export,find new buyers.
  • Receive qualified leads and enquiries.
  • Provide instant access to information and save printing costs and paper.
  • Keep customers update on new products and services.
  • Improve company wide communications.
  • Develop new suppliers/sources for a wider selection of goods at a lower cost .