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Rajasthan :

Rajasthan is located in Northwestern India and has boundaries with the States of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat as well as a long international boundary with Pakistan. It is the second largest Indian state. It is primarily an agrarian economy with agriculture accounting for one-third of Rajasthan's GDP. However, industry is rapidly growing as the state has developed a very conducive climate for investment. Rajasthan has plans to set up several special purpose townships ("cities within cities") with private direct investment including an Industrial Model Township, Medicity and Leisure City.

Rajasthan today is rapidly emerging as one of the most attractive investment destinations in India. Doing business in Rajasthan has become an attractive and exciting proposition. Wide-ranging economic reforms, availability of low cost labour, access to cheap and a variety of raw material and intermediate products, a large domestic market, a mature financial sector and political stability are some of the factors which have increased investment flows.

Rajasthan in brief :

Land area
342,239 sq. km.
44 million
Per Capita Income
Rs 5,220
Inflation Rate

Investment Opportunities In Rajasthan :

Rajasthan has so much more to offer-wildlife parks and bird's sanctuaries, pilgrimage centers and hill stations. And a nature of hospitality that belongs to the cultural tradition of the land. No wonder tourism is rajasthan's largest (and most ecologically sound) industry.

It is easy to see why rajasthan should invite investments in tourism for it is one of the most easily connected and strategically located for the purpose. As part of the golden Triangle of the north, jaipur is easily connected with both New Delhi and Agra. As part of the cultural circuit, its major cities are linked with both Mumbai and New Delhi and connected to Aurangabad, Agra, Khajuraho, Banaras and Calcutta.Jaipur its capital is linked by air, rail and road and Mumbai and New Delhi.

For most part, the roads are in good condition. National Highway 8 between New Delhi and jaipur is being made into a double carriageway and work should be over on it by 2001. Most tourist centers are connected by luxury and deluxe bus services.

Train services have air-conditioned berths. Both day and overnight services link most towns. in addition there is the luxury palace on wheels tour in a vestibuled,airconditioned train that connects most major tourism centers with overnight links, with the day reserved for sightseeing and excursions.

There are airports with services at jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. At other centers, there are airports though scheduled services have still to take off. However, private aircraft can be chartered for corporate and tourism purposes, and helicopters are also available in season.

However, most visitors enjoy at least some of the USP of rajasthan -elephant and camel rides, camel safaris into the desert and horse and jeep safaris into the wilderness.

Accommodation comes in a democratic range with palaces and forts providing an unusual experience while modern hotels, resort, state-run hotels, dormitories and budget hostelries bring up the low-end segment. During the state's many fairs, luxury tented camps are set up.

A large number of fairs and pilgrimages are especially geared for tourists with such tented cities, a thriving souvenir and entertainment industry, and a number of activities in which they can participate. Traditional entertainment remains popular and is part and parcel of every visitor experience.

Local cuisines are widely available .in addition a number of theme restaurants combine these with a rich cultural experience. Experience chefs also provide food from around the world for the international visitor.

A thriving handicrafts industry makes shopping particularly exciting. Local bazaars specialize in textiles, jewellery, miniature paintings, pottery, statuary, carpets and dhurries and a huge range of souvenirs and crafts. Government approved shops; government emporia as well as craftsperson's at crafts centers enrich the shopping encounter.

A vibrant industry infrastructure ensures that there is speedy, and often one-window clearance for projects. A bureau of industrial enterprise knits together diverse functions, provides assistance in identifying everything from industry and entrepreneurial initiatives to finance and feasibility studies.

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