Steeve, Bath, England
Monuments are very interesting although seems to be covered in chewing tobacco stains. Should impose more rules for all visitors to keep it clean. On the streets I would be much more likely to buy and spend money if I was not approached so aggresively by shopkeepers and Rikshaw drivers. It can be quite Interesting.
L Buckley, Bath, England

Obviously a totally different culture than we are used to. Quite a lot of poverty. Most people are friendly and a lot geunine, but a lot of people give you too much hassle. The Sites / Monuments are very well kept. perhaps they could charge a higher entrance fees and not charge for the option to use a camera.

Lots of places to see and a lot to experience. it would be nice to be able to walk around and look at things without people trying to get you to buy everything. Give you time to soak up the atmosphere without you feeling pressurized. Plenty for everyone.

Martin & Marzell Parpan, Switzerland (

Good things

Pushkar gives every tourist the possibility to choose its preferred food (continental, real Indian Dishes).Its a good thing that a programme of the Pushkar fiar is existing. For us, even if we are tourists, it is important that the fair doesn't become too much touristy. What we are looking for is a very natural form.

Bad things

The haggling of many sellers is sometimes really tiring and uncomfortable.