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Adoption of Monuments / Museum Developmenmt
1. Cenotaphs          2. Forts / Palaces        3. Funding at WIldlife Parks
4. Havelis               5. Pilgrim Centres        6. Temples
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The Department of Tourism has formulated a scheme for the adoption of monuments by private entrepreneurs. This will ensure their maintenance ,as well as provide the company the required publicity.


As many as 300 monuments-these include cenotaphs ,forts, palaces,wildlife parks, havelis, pilgrim centres and temples -are available of of which 25 will initially be made available to NRIs foreign conservationists and others interested insuch programmes,for purposes of maintenance only.The total control of monuments will remain with the concerned authorities,and no alteration will be permitted (as specified in its charter)


A new avenue for tourism promotion that can be planned completely around historical monuments.

Voluntary Contributions Accepted

As per the provision of section 14 of rajasthan monuments, Archaeological Sites and Antiquities Act,1961,the director may receive voluntary contribution towards the cost of maintaining a protected monument and maygive orders as to the management and application of any funds so received by him.

Provides that no contribution received under this section shall be applied to any purpose other than the purpose of which it was contributed.

Museum Development
Private investments is required for conservation and the development of museum industry in Rajasthan.
All Tourist Destinations


The conservation of traditional arts crafts and cultures can be made possible with private investment in this unique venture.



The most suitable, depending on the specialty of the museum.

Conservation and the creation of new landmarks . Private museums can be built on any of a number of themes. A few suggestions: furniture, stone art, fossils, handicrafts, antiquities and their replicas, tribal art, garments and textiles.

Government Museums in Rajasthan

Before Independence
After Independence
  • Government Museum, Ajmer
  • Government Museum, Alwar
  • Government Museum, Bikaner
  • Government Museum, Bharatpur
  • Government Museum, Amber, Jaipur
  • Government Central Museum, Jaipur
  • Government Museum, Jhalawar
  • Government Museum, Jodhpur
  • Government Museum, Kota
  • Government Museum, Udaipur

  • Government Museum, Dungarpur
  • Government Museum, Chittorgarh
  • Art Gallery Amber, Jaipur
  • State Gallery of Modern Art, Jaipur
  • Virat Ngar Museum,Virat Nagar, Jaipur
  • Government Museum, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur
  • Government Museum, Jaisalmer
  • Government Museum, Mandor, Jodhpur
  • Government Museum, Pali
  • Government Museum and Art Gallery, Mt. Abu, Sirohi
  • Site Museum, Ahar, Udaipur