Meghalaya - A Collage of clouds and colours

With an ever-changing skyscape featuring interesting moves by seemingly eternal clouds above sometimes besides or even below you and lush greenery around, Meghalaya is often termed the Scotland of the east however the natural beauty if this be the reason for the label is such that one wonders why Scotland is not dubbed the Meghalaya of the west.

Shillong the capital of state of Meghalaya was the erstwhile capital of undivided Assam for a long time and a well known place. It has been fortunate in having a National Highway in reasonably good condition connecting it by a few hours road trip to the nearest railhead and airport at Guwahati. Till not so long ago, for many years there was a Vayudoot air service to Shillongs own airport of Umroi.

Shillong has been a favoured hill station for many known for its beauty, pleasant climate and the fact of being one of the hill stations in India with about the maximum option of being able to drive to most parts as opposed to the only option of walking. There has almost never been any language problem for tourists in Shillong with many speaking English and the place boasting of some famous educational institutions. There are the colourful ethnic cultural of the Khasis, Jaintias and other tribes, with vibrant festivals and friendly fun loving dispositions.

There are the many waterfalls, lakes and streams forests, flowers, breathtaking beauty of the landscape, a plethora of fruits, a rich cultural and historical heritage, interesting markets some of the best caves, event like daily archery competition in Shillong the local's love and food and drink and their natural hospitality a tremendous scope for water sports and other adventure activities, great fishing, the stark and impressive distinctive landscape of huge gorges turning to waterfalls around cherrapunjee,the list of positives goes on and on.

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