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Historical Havelis on verge of collapse

Among the historical mansions in Jaisalmer on the verge of collapse is the Salim Singh Ki Haveli. The rear portion of the 300 year-old haveli, whose most interesting part is its narrow base upon which the upper portions have been built much wider, collapsed due to the tremors on January 26. Still, tourists, mostly foreigners, continue to be attached to it. As they arrive in great numbers to see this historic monument, the administration can only watch helplessly.

Another unique building in yet-low stone covered with intricate carvings, the Patwon ki haveli, is also in shambles as is Salim Singh Ki Haveli. One of its portion is out of bounds for the tourists as its collapse is imminent. Interestingly, a writer from an England-based newspaper in his story India's dream castle in the sands has written in 1999 itself, " In 1993, a decade after I first saw it, nine of Salim Singh haveli's balconies had collapsed during a severe monsoon rain."