General information
  Total Area
52- 65 kms Long and wide by 6 kms.
  Best time to visit
   Oct - June
   Hotels & Restaurants
  Nearest Town
  How to get there
   By bus-Kota
  Species found
   leopard, jackal, hyena, jungle cat, sambar, spotted deer,nilgai
  More information
   Field Director, Darah sanctuary, Kota, Rajasthan.
The picturesque Darah Sanctuary is situated 40 kms from Kota in southern Rajasthan.
This area is like one long strip and nowhere is wider than 6kms. The forest area lies between two parallel mountain ranges about 52 to 65 kms long. This sanctuary is surrounded by the rivers - Chambal, the Kalisindh the Amjhar and the Ahu, which form its natural boundaries. The leopard, jackal, hyena jungle cat, sambar, spotted deer and nilgai are the main attractions of this sanctuary. There are many historical monuments in the sanctuary. The famous Gagron fort near Jhalawar surrounded on three sides by the Kalisindh river, is also situated on the fringes of the sanctuary.

Glancing Bluebull