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Do's & Dont's


Particular care should be taken when attending a religious place (temple, shrine) or event. Dress and behave appropriately-don't wear shorts or singlet tops (this applies to men and women) and do not smoke or hold hands. Remove your shoes before entering the holy place, and never touch a carving or statue of a deity. In some places, such as mosques, you will be required to cover your head. For religious reasons, do not touch local people on the head and similarly never direct the soles of your feet at a person, religious shrine, or image of a deity, as this may cause offence. Never touch another person with your feet.


You should be sensitive about taking photos of people, especially women, who may find it offensive, always ask first. Taking photos at a death ceremony, or a religious ceremony or of people bathing (in baths or rivers) may cause offence.


Never throw food into a fire whether at a campsite in the desert or in a home. It is also expedient not to touch food or cooking utensils that local people well use. You should use your right hand for all social interactions, whether passing money or food or any other item. Eat with your right hand only. If you are invited to dine with a family always take off your shoes and wash your hands before taking your meal. The hearth is the sacred center of the home, so never approach it unless you have been invited to do so.

WARNING : Nudity is completely unacceptable and a swimsuit must be worn even when bathing in a remote location.


Never enter the kitchen unless you have been invited to do so, and always remove your shoes before entering. Similarly, never enter the area where drinking water is stored unless you have removed your shoes. Do not touch terracotta vessels in which water is kept-asks your host to serve you.