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Travel Information

As there is no international airport in Rajasthan, the following information applies to all visitors entering India through the other International Gateway airports preferably Delhi and Mumbai.

What travel documents do I need ?
What are the working hours of banks and post offices ?

On arrival in India you must produce a valid national passport or other document satisfactorily establishing your identity and nationality. Indian visa from the Indian Consulate in your country.

Opening hours for all banks are 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on weekdays. Till noon on saturday. All banks are closed on Sundays and Public holidays.

Do I need an internatiuonal certification of vaccination?

Where can I get a Taxi ?

Yes, yellow fever vaccinations would be required if you're coming from infected or endemic areas.

You will find taxis near railway stations, bus stands and at all good hotels. Scooter rickshaws are also conveniently available.

Do I need Medical/Travel insurance?
How much should I tip ?
Yes. It is advisable to take both to cover theft, loss, or illness.
It is generally advisable to pay 10% to 15% of the billed amount.
Is there a Foreign travel tax ?
What is the voltage ?
Yes, Rs. 500/- has to be paid at the airports as Foreign Travel Tax.
The standard voltage throughout the country is 220 volts.
Do I need a Tax clearance certificate?
What are the road regulations ?
If your stay in India exceeds 120 days you would be required to furnish a tax clearance certificate to leave the country. This is to prove that you did not earn money while in India.
Unlike other countries, in India we drive on the left of the road and overtake on the right.

How much money can I bring ?
Do I need a special deiving licence ?
You may bring in as much money as you wish. There is no restiction on the amount of traveller's cheques changed.
A valid International Driving Licence is necessary if you wish to drive a car or motorbike in India.
Can you explain the Indian money system ?
When are the national holidays ?
Though the rates keep fluctating, one Dollar is roughly equivalent to 42 Indian Rupees. Indian Rupees are available in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500.

Jan 26 : Republic Day
Aug 15: Independence Day
Oct 02: Gandhi Jayanti

What To Wear

August to November Light Cottons
December and January Light to Heavy Woollens
For women it is advisable to be a little conservatively dressed. Long shirts and jeans or dresses are practical and comfortable.
Men can wear trousers/jeans and shorts or the Indian kurta/pyjama.

Useful Hindi Words/Phrases
Phrase in English
Phrase in Hindi

Hello/Good Bye




Thank You


How are you ?

aap kaise hain?

Where is the?

kahan hai?

How far is ...

kitni door hai?

How much is ...

kitne paise?



Drinking water.

peene ka pani



Vegetarian food

shakahari khana

This is expensive

bahut mehnga hai