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Rajasthan is the home of an astounding variety of traditional crafts. Century old skills continue to produce some of the most artistic and exciting wares in Rajasthan which are admired and collected not only by connoisseurs in India but are popular all across the world. Rajasthan is a land of vibrant colours. These colours are a striking part of the Rajasthani life and are found in the bustling bazars, in fairs & festivals, in the costumes worn and produced, and in the traditional paintings & murals.

Dancing Puppets
Its crafts have always been a source of fascination whether one appreciates them for purely visual or aesthetic pleasure or pauses to savour the underlying history, culture and symbolism.

Clay Toys

In the field of arts and crafts, Rajasthan is among the richest states of India. Each period of its history made its contribution to this field. The kings and nobles were patrons of art & crafts and encouraged the craftperson. The women of Rajasthan are famed for their beauty and it is said that the printed patterns on the women's skirts are different in villages even 30 kms apart.

Teej as it relates only to women festival secures them to attend the procession seeking the blessings of the Goddess thereafter shopping. All women buy Toys of earthenware ornamentally decorated, depicting man & wife and offer them in Puja thali. The monsoon season plays a significant role in women wearing special Jewellery and Sarees or Odhnis with a Lehariya print.

A special sweetmeat or mithai called Ghewar on this occasion is sold in every nook and corner.

Toys & Dolls (Own a Souvenir or Playmate)

Toy makers of Jaipur make elephants and horses of stuffed cloth, decorated with tinsel & embroidered fabric. Papier-mache birds and animals are available in different sizes and colours and make an interesting buy. Soft tinted clay toys are produced in Merta and Nagaur district. Toys and statuettes inspired by local legends are also available. Udaipur is famous for its wooden toys.

Soft Tinted Toys
Don't forget to buy Rajasthani puppets which are eye-catching and expressive because of their exaggerated eyes and brightly coloured dresses.