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Experience of a Life Time:

After attending many fairs and festivals, parties, conferences, get-togethers, but never had a delightful experience that the Teej Mata Festival. I casually went to the Tripolia Gate to cover the procession on its course. I was taken by surprise that the people gathered there had the same enthusiasm as the first day and were as many as them also. After majoring the interview with Mr. Raghuvir Singh and Mr. Gangwal of R.T.D.C., I was distracted by the performance of the Kalbeliyas and so were the foreigners who were clicking photographs of every movement of the body. Everybody was engrossed and so was Mr. Rajendra Singhji Shekhawat S.H.O. Manak Chowk., who has been witnessing the festival several times. The entire police and law arrangement was looked after properly.

I had no other choice but to interview him with sound knowledge of the Teej Mata. Suddenly but surely he asked me to accompany along through the inner gates of the Tirpolia Bazaar and amazingly I found myself with the Teej Mata getting ready with her entire jewelry and Rambabu who"s family has been involved right from the beginning of dressing the Deity which at least costs Rs. 20 crores approx. The most important part of the entire procession was the time factor. Though I didn't confirm it earlier, but the procession was lifted up sharp by 6.00 p.m.

I had this greatest opportunity of walking along with the Deity. The three Main Pandits were leading it. I got a chance to speak to one of them and to my utter surprise he was speaking english as good as mine. Thinking that it was a blessing of the Goddess of granting me accessibility to move around everywhere. I went ahead of asking the Pandit about the descending of the Goddess, which he explained in a sensitive way. Further he asked me to notice the momentum of the stride taken equally by the persons who were carrying the Howdah. It was as if the watch had been timed. It was decided past so many years that Mata had to reach the resting place at 7.00 p.m. sharp not a minute before and not a minute after and it did.

After reaching Tal Katora the Deity was fed with fruit, milk, nookti, chapati, Ghewar and Jal by panditji reciting prayers. My most precious moment of the procession was this that I was asked by Panditji to stand beside him alone with the purdah being drawn from the public, while the Bhog was being offered. Then panditji applied the first Tika on my forehead to be blessed. After this the Deity was suddenly lifted up and the procession started back on the journey to her residence keeping the same pace. My excitement started getting wilder as it was time fixed for 8.00 PM for the Deity to reach back with a slight change in the route of return. As I was walking just in front of the Deity along with the Band Baaza, nearing the gate, I turned back to look for Panditji who was pointing me at the watch. As I saw 8.00 PM on the watch I lifted my head to regard the timing, the gate had closed with all the attendants and the Deity taken inside. I then left the place with utmost satisfaction and unbelievable mind.