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This is the first effort done by any private company to promote tourism as well as technology in Rajasthan which already recieved wide appreciation from all over the world. Our team of cameraman, photographers and AUDIO MAN tried their level best to cover the whole event as comprehensive as possible but still we also feel that there is still some scope of improvements in various dimensions. We hope your sincere feedback will help us improving the things at our end.

We welcome you on the occasion of Teej Festival here from Tripolia gate. This festival has its own importance specially in rural areas. Thousands and thousands of Women's, children's are there with elders who filled the whole environment with color and excitement. Everybody here is trying to catch hold of the glimpse of whole procession.

Procession has begun now. Dancers are performing for Ghair dance dressed splendidly and using their experience and excellence to perform better then ever. Combination of Music and Dance is enchanting. Everybody with their families seems to be excited.

Now one after another dancers and "sawaries" are coming out of the Tripolia gate famous for its artistic doors and appearance. Specially decorated "Band Bazza" with a team of around 2 dozen performers well organized by the MASTER is performing defiantly differently from what Bands performs in INDIAN SHAADI'S. Well dressed and declined performers add feather to their CAP.

Almost 100 photographers and video shooters from different International as well as National channels are trying to catch every moment in their electronic Gadgets. Hundreds of people are joining the mob every minute to make us feel the abundant "SHRADHA" in their heart.

After Band Bazza, well decorated horses with their riders, well dresses and equipped with old age weapons are following the march. Bullock carts with silk decorated howdahs, Elephants (need not to mention - well organized and decorated) under supreme control of their MAHAWAT'S seems to an obedient school boy. Cute boy.

After a long wait and patience we got an glimpse of Teej Mata Palki (Palki is an term used to define the carriage which is controlled by 2/4/8 people holding it through wooden bars extended on both the sides - please refer photo gallery for further information and clearance). Oh! In order to get a FIRST glimpse of Mata Ki Sawari everybody is trying to overrule the rules set by Police. Anyway it seems to be under control now.

Specially decorated Teej Mata with a transparent cloth (chunri) covering the forehead and a small part of the face is coming out of the the gate. There is very special reason for covering the face guess? Very less people know this minor difference between Teej Festival and Ghangaur festival. please check in our other sections for more information.

The whole procession includes around 10 elephants, 16-17 well decorated horses, at least 8 groups of performers including dancers, musicians, performers and individuals with special abilities, 6 bullock carts, 4 PALKI''S, around one dozen camels. This really makes it more colourful, entertaining, exciting and neverthless BHAKTIMAI".

The most revered Diety amoung the other Gods finally leads the path , which she's is done so many a times, round the chhoti chopar and is following through Gangori Baazar.Its really surprising to see so many people taking blessings, over roofs , from windows, and everywhere.

Finally the Deity has reached the destination at Tal-Katora where she has been laid down on a white sheet and the Pandit who has been feeding Her for so many years is reciting Puja and will now make Her sip water to quench her thirst and make Her feel relaxed. We believe that lot of people do not know why Teej Mata Stays here for quite sometime and then come back to "JANANI DYODHI" at City Palace. Here it is ?

According to rituals and past culture, City Palace's Janani Dyodhi is her home and Talkatora is her In-Laws place. People (Parenets and Relatives) come here to leave her at her In-laws house. They rest here for a while and again come back. Since in sawan Bhado married girls go to their parents house to celebrate and enjoy this beautiful season. In this period only farmers plough the fields and saw the crop and pray to god for favourable rainy season.

At 7.25 P.M. Pooja Archana starts with Bhajan's and Shlokes and Mataji take a sip of water and rests for couple of moments. Thereafter Mr Rambabu put a cloth on Mata (Mr Rambabu, who and his encentors are decorating Teej Mata from the last 75 years really feels excited that for the first time this whole event including Pooja Archana will get acclamation world over). he told us, Whenever Daity Teej Mata goes out of the palace She is been sworn with around 20KG gold and silver ornaments, well decorated cloths and goes in Palki.

From here the Deity will be taken back to Her resting place , where She will be laid down for the comming year.

Our correspondent Mr. Allwin Desssa reports from there at 7.47 P.M. that now Palki has started it way back towards palace. The whole environment is filled with BHAKTI and thousands of followers still accompanying her peacefully.

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope we were able to satisfy all your wishes by following the Deity wherever she went and the blessings be upon you and your family . I now take leave to be back with you for the next festival online ( please check fairs and festival list for the dates)