Music and Dance - are deeply engrained in Rajasthani life. The stillness of the desert evening and the upsurge of life in the short lived rainy season or spring are filled with soulful, full-throated music and rhythmic dance...
Snake Dance - The dance of the Kalbeliyas, the snake charmers community, is a recent discovery. The dancers accentuate supple and snake-like movements.

Chari Dance - Pots topped with lighted lamps are balanced on the head and graceful hand movements come together in the chari dance of the kishangarh area.

Festive Dance
- Rajasthani folk dances are performed during festivals and other ceremonial occasions. Each community and region has its own variations and the dances are accompanied by a particular type of music.

Fire Dance - In the fire dance, the men dance on a platform of smoldering embers. Their movements grow more frenzied as the music reaches a crescendo. The dance is mainly performed in Bikaner and Churu.
Manganiyars - The Manganiyars sing simple, full-throated folk songs, their skillful blending of voices weaving back and forth in an intricate tapestry of sound.