RAMGARH: Motorable distance, north-east of Jaipur, a drive of 45 minutes/31 kms takes you to the Panoramic meeting of the dusk sun over the mountains and the tingling of water below with various species of ducks settling down for spending the night , lies the Ramgarh Lake, furthermore quenching the thirst for Jaipur City as a filter plant resevoir.The picture completes by taking a boatride speacially organised by R.T.D.C., the satisfaction forces you to spend a night or two at a camp-fire in queitness within the area, with a minor disturbance of a fleet of wild ducks suddenly passing overhead at midnight, but does it matter.A palace with ample collection of stuffed wild animals shot as games in the past, now a Taj Lodge and the Huts up the river run by R.T.D.C. are a comfortable stay in the picturesque valley .

SAINTHAL:On Jaipur/Agra highway, east of Jaipur, a drive of 45 minutes/60 kms brings you to Dausa, from where you turn left/northwards.As you hit the 16th milestone a lushgreen forest of huge Mango Trees surround you with a strange reception of the red faced monkeys at the welcome. Slight hike on the hill will take you to the lake named "Sainthal' a fish breeding farm, but a perfect picnic spot for families and careful from the eating habits of the monkeys.The most interesting part is that both Sainthal and Ramgarh are conected by road on eitherside.

KALAKHO:On Jaipur/Agra highway, east of Jaipur instead of turning left of Dausa we continue straight on the bypass towards Agra. On the 75 kms milestone we reach the lake, Kalakho on the right/south of the highway itself. A high raised roadside leads 50 mts. you to the banks of the rivers length. The famous Siberian Cranes can easily sighted with other species. Should not hesitate in saying that a lady of the nearby village adopted a siberian crane who was hurt and was nutured to health back. It used to follow her for cattle grazing everyday and everywhere. The introduction of water-scooters and other water sports, with a Motel changed the destination back to Keoladeo which is nearby.Nevertheless its an ideal spot for picnics or a midway to Agra.

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