Stone Carving

- Sandalwood carvings come in a range of objects and themes. The choices is so varied that it is difficult to choose, whether its the desert caravan with tiny Camels or Lord Krishna playing the flute in a divine mood, or nymphs in aesthetic dance poses. For the budget Shopper also available in fragrant sandalwood, are keychains, paper and trinket boxes. The minutely carved wooden blocks used for textile printing are so exquisite that they are highly in demand and often are converted into door knobs or book ends.

- The Metalware has artistic comprises of brassware, enamelled, engraved and filigreed cut work on silver. Apart from jewellery, the silversmiths make beautiful boxes, trays, small statues of Krishna, Ganesh and ornamental birds, horses and elephants enamelled as well as plain. Jaipur also has a tradition of brass sculptures well finished and polished to a shine.

Toys and Dolls
- Toy makers of Jaipur make Elephants and Horses of stuffed cloth decorated with tinsel & embroidered fabric. Paper mache birds and animals are available in different sizes and colours, and make an interesting buy. Soft tinted clay toys are produced in Merta and Nagaur district. Toys and statues inspired by the local legends are also available. Udaipur is famous for its wooden toys. Don't forget to buy Rajasthani puppets which are catching and expressive because of their exaggerated eyes and brightly coloured dresses.

- Decorate your home like palace or haveli. The furniture of rajasthan displays grandeur and elegance. The carved and decorated chests chairs, cradles and low tables & stools are simply a steal. Each object is desirable whether inlaid with brass sheet work or painted with dancing figures or embellished with hunting scenes. Patra furniture, which is plated with white metal, has carved out its own market niche.